July 29, 2011

Matthew Barney : Hoist [Desctricted] from Waldir Barreto on Vimeo.

HOIST by Matthew Barney

Part of the Destricted series, 2006

'Hoist' describes the encounter between the two central characters of the film; the so-called ‘Green Man’ and a fifty-ton deforestation Caterpillar truck under which he is suspended. Following the three acts of traditional film narrative, it is structured according to the three phases of description, situation and condition. 

While the initial two phases relate to the definition of ‘Hoist’ as an “an apparatus or method for lifting a load and shifting it laterally by an elevating means applied through a support from which a flexible member freely suspends a load engager,” the third or final condition of the film suggests the imperfect consummation of the human and the mechanistic.

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