December 12, 2012

The Screamers, “122 Hours of Fear” 

Live for Target Video, 1978 (see also

"Be quiet or be killed!" he said
In front of you and in front of me
He made the pilot get on his knees
Made him crawl, made him whimper
Made him cry out for his mother

Wow! What a show!
122 hours of fear
Wow! What a show!
122 hours of fear

"You better shut up and listen!" he said
Danger, danger, danger, Mr. Schumann
We are in a hurry, Mr. Schumann
What are the odds, dear Jürgen?
Am I disturbing you?

✈ inspired by the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181

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November 9, 2012

ADULT. - “122 Hours of Fear” 

(The Screamers cover)

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